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Managing Director: Tim O'Leary

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The word strategy is derived indirectly from the Greek, strategos, meaning 'general', and to many it is still narrowly associated with 'generalship' or 'the art of the general'. But as war and society have become more complicated that view has been challenged by the view which holds that strategy is an inherent quality of statecraft at all times, in peace and war

Strategos –An ancient Greek word translates literally as "the General's art". From the ancient Greek, through military to modern business usage, the word retains much of its original meaning ––

  • Decisions and actions with long-term and wide-ranging consequences.
  • Pinpointing vulnerabilities in the competitors' position.
  • Exploiting resources and deployment relative to competitors.
  • Using topography, and technology for advantage.
  • Finding niches in the marketplace.