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Strategos Australia offers services in management and consulting across a wide range of public sector, not for profit organisations, private companies, and government and community agencies in the health and human services area.

Strategos provides service and operations management, strategy, planning, review and evaluation.

Mediation for organisations and business from Strategos is unique in combining long experience in Family Therapy and work with large groups with academic business training at MBA level and solid management experience. Strategos is able to assist in family business succession planning, crisis management, divorce settlements as well as workforce conflict resolution and agreement and contract negotiation.

Strategos offers highly regarded skills with crisis administration experience, change management, business planning, IT maintenance, strategies and planning and services development and marketing in metropolitan and rural areas.

Strategos has a reputation for successfully managing and advising on the impact of complex issues undertaken under public scrutiny.

Strategos works with other companies, partners and alliances to provide the optimum team and depth of skills mix for each particular project undertaken.

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Tim O'Leary
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